Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving Right Along...

We sold our house! Yay!! We closed last week. The same day we got a response saying the short sale on the new house was approved! YAY!! We are supposed to be closing sometime in the beginning of October now. I couldn't be more excited considering we have to have the house done (it needs some work) and moved into by December. :) I guess we decide to renovate and move everytime I am pregnant. I am going to be trying to post more as we renovate and redecorate. As soon as we close, I will post pictures of the before.
Aubry started preschool at the end of August. She goes 2 days a week this year and we got the teachers we were wanting. She loves them both and loving school! This is her when she went to meet her teachers.

This is Aubry on her first day of school. She wanted to wear a dress but I made her wear something so she could play outside on the playground. It was a struggle that morning and I am sure there are many more of those to come!

She also had her first sleepover with her cousin Kynsey that day. They get along and play really well together. They're so sweet! They both went to gymnastics and then came back to our house to play....alll....night....long. HA! The next day they had lunch and went to Target for shopping. I think they had a good time!