Saturday, August 27, 2011

The past few weeks...months...I lost count.

I haven't been keeping up on blogging...or cleaning...or anything really. We haven't been up to very much lately and I am ready for school to start again Monday and gymnastics is in full swing again too. I am ready to be on a schedule!
Still no word on the house. I am going out of my mind crazy just being ready to get into this new house so I am not moving in the middle of December and being 100 months pregnant. We are expecting our second girl close to Christmas. I am due December 27 but since I had a csection with Aubry then I will have another one on December 20. I have a feeling we may be moving December 27. That would be our fashion since that's how we did it last time!
Just a little update in our lives :)

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  1. Another girl!! I didn't know, so exciting! We are always going through our worst life dramas when our babies are born. Job loss, financial issues, etc. etc. etc.... :) Just keep on going!