Friday, March 25, 2011

Nailed It

Miss Priss had her first pedicure on Thursday and let me tell you....this girl has never sat so still and been so quiet in her life! The whole salon was full of women and they were amazed and kept asking if she was always so good. I told them that she had her moments but right now she was in her element! haha! She loved it! I loved seeing the big smile plastered on her face the whole time. And how cute is that little princess pedi chair??

Her request was pink zebra nails so that is what she got on her hands and her toes. She was so excited and ready to show everyone and wouldn't let me put on her shoes and socks when we left because she thought it would get messed up.
I also got a shellac manicure and if you haven't had one of should! Amazing! I love it when my nails are polished because they are NOT pretty and break easily! But after an hour, they are chipped and and knicked. The shellac they say will last at least 14 days. I have had this stuff for 2 days and it is perfect. No knicks. No chips. Shiny. Love it!

Why Call Them Wisdom Teeth?

Why are these awful teeth called wisdom teeth? They aren't smart or they wouldn't show up in the first place. They don't give you any wisdom. These teeth make me cringe!
I had my wisdom teeth out last Friday and not a single problem. Not a pain med was needed. Until Sunday. My gum and tooth all of a sudden just started killing me and I had to take something. It is still bothering me and making me cringe. I went in today and they may have to open it back up and clean it out and suture it back up. Gross, I know! So over these teeth and ready for it to all be done so I can go back to focusing on my important doing my room. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


(Gotta love laundry day!)
This little precious baby who makes my heart melt is 3 years 5 months old (going on 25)! I can't believe it. I feel like yesterday she was born! Since I am doing this blog to look back on, I wanted to start making sure she has a post of accomplishments! :)
Writing her name. Writing different letters and recognizing them. Coloring inside the lines now. Folding laundry. Making her bed. Drawing a ton. Using scissors more. Loves doing crafts. Trying to learn anything she can.
Using manners a lot more lately. Not throwing as many fits. Trying to get your point across without those terrible fits!
Independent. Sassy. Big personality. Fun. Sweet. Talkative. Energetic.
Back bend at gymnastics. Back bend with one leg up. Handstand. Cartwheel. I laugh when she says "Watch Mama!" five million times while she is at gymnastics.
She doesn't eat a lot but she does like to eat well. Loves all veggies and fruits. And of course, fruit snacks.  And cake balls. And any form of sugar.
I love when she comes in and tells me I am so "cuddlish" and she just wants to hug me and give me sugars! I love it! She is my little best friend and I love when she tells me that. I miss her when we aren't together even though I appreciate a couple hours to myself sometimes.
Love that precious little voice and all her made up words. Laugh when she says a word and then asks me if it's a bad word. I feel proud when she starts saying a new word she has learned or starts saying one correctly.
She is like a little sponge right now just soaking up any information I will give her and living in her little world of "Why?". I am working my hardest to make sure that sponge is filled with rainbows and unicorns! haha.
I know I get frustrated sometimes but I am just trying to teach her how to be well-behaved! Little does she know, she is teaching me. Such a big girl...kind of bittersweet.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moving Right Along

Today was my first bad experience with Craigslist! I was talking to a woman about a bed and told her "SOLD!! I want it. I was going to pick it up tomorrow. Well, she went right on ahead and sold it tonight. I guess you can't rely on buyers on Craigslist but still...I was hoping she would hold it for me. I guess it's not all about me though!
I did get some new stuff for our room. I can't wait until this thing is done. I am so ready to have my room back. Our house has been a disaster and I am sure my husband would like to sleep in his own bed again!
I saw a starburst mirror similar to this one at Target for $24.99. I almost bought it but thought it was too much. Last night, I was browsing some other blogs and saw someone had bought this cute thing at Family Dollar for $10. I went in there today expecting our store not to have them but they did! (That is the paint color of the walls back there behind it too!)
I have been trying to do our whole room on a budget but I did special order some lamps from Hobby Lobby yesterday. They are perfect and they were 50% off so I couldn't pass them up. They were a huge splurge for me but they were the same price as the lamp bases I wanted from Target and these come with really cute shades so I tried to justify it that way! I can't wait for them to come in!

So, I have been seeing where a lot of people are decorating with numbers lately. I wanted a cute way to incorporate that into our room. I bought these two canvases at Michael's for $2 and didn't know what I would do with them. Today, I decided to add the numbers. I did 968 because 9.6.08 was the day we got married. I just painted those on with some of Aubry's craft paint. I haven't decided what to put on the black one yet. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Little Gymnast

This just melts my heart. Sweet girl.

Today, Miss Priss had gymnastics. I was a competitive gymnast and she goes to the same place that I used to go. And no, I didn't put her in gymnastics. She asked to take the classes. 
 I hear her name 50x that hour because she is so active and always dancing around and trying to show everyone what she can do. I hear, "Mama WATCH!" the entire time too. Haha!

She can do a back bend now and she can do it with one leg up. She still needs to work on getting those legs straight and pointing those toes.

Not too bad for a handstand. Still needs some work. Lol.

She has her splits in the kitchen but the carpet at the gym holds her up! Ha!

She is going to bite her tongue off if she keeps it like that! haha! As you can see, we are hot messes at the gym!

Trying to do a back hip circle by herself.

She is getting there! :)

Loving those pointed toes in her handstand on the bar. She kept telling the coach she could do it by herself. haha! She then told her that she could do giants. If you don't know what those are, google them. You might laugh at thinking she could do them by herself!