Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hot Mess Snow Day

Days like today where we are snowed in and I am wrapped in a robe on top of 5 sweatshirts are lazy days in our house! They are saying 2-4 inches or all depends on who is talking. Our cousin Anna is going to Daytona and enjoying the "spring weather" (her words...I'm so jealous!) and we are getting this....

This is our sidewalk, road, and field across the street. I can't tell either. Brrr!!

Since it's a lazy day, Aubry looks like this....

That's mess! I told her it was too cold for that and her response: "But I'm wearing peace sign socks!". I guess it's a step up from her swimsuit, knee high Fancy Nancy socks, and leopard high heels.  The girl loves playing dress up.


  1. She is still cute, none the less! :) Stay warm! Do you guys have snow mobiles? All that land, looks like fun!!!

  2. Aww thanks! No we don't have snowmobiles but we have 4 wheelers and a gator so those are fun! :) But I can't stand the cold so those are fun in the warm weather for me!