Monday, January 24, 2011

Time for Change

I don't know if it's the weather or what but I am ready for change. First, I started with my hair. I went from blond, to yuck blondish brown,then to a dark burgundy color. I am going back tomorrow to make it more red and less purple. It is looking a little Snooki-ish.
Next, I want to change my bedroom. A lot of you know it is poop brown. The furniture is brown. The bedding is brown. The walls are brown. Wall decor,curtains, bedding...yep, pretty much everything. Gross. 
So, I got online today and looked at some "inspiration". I might try to sound like Nate Berkus but trust me, I am not. So it probably won't look anything like some designer magazine spread! Scratch that...I know it won't! Ha!
I love this house!! It is the bungalow of Lizzie Carney. I saw her on Nate Berkus (little crush on him) and loved all her chandeliers! That is a must in my bedroom this time. I like her bedroom too (minus the pink..not my style).

Love the chandelier, the iron bed, and all the white in this room. I am going towards white bedding right now too.
I am in love with this room! Combine these two rooms and it might be close to perfect.  I would love to be brave enough to wallpaper or stencil! We will see!
All of these photos can be found on Country Living here:

Is anyone else ready for change? What do you think of these rooms? I will be posting all my bargain finds and bedroom changes on here soon.


  1. I absolutely love the chandelier idea! I think it would be a great touch to a bedroom and it looks Victorian, which I love :) As you know, we are making A LOT of changes in Jerry's OLD Bachelor pad!

  2. Thanks Tara! I found one on craigslist that could use some crystals and some paint so hopefully I can add to it! You will have to post some before and afters of Jerry's. I'm sure it needed your touch! :)