Tuesday, March 8, 2011


(Gotta love laundry day!)
This little precious baby who makes my heart melt is 3 years 5 months old (going on 25)! I can't believe it. I feel like yesterday she was born! Since I am doing this blog to look back on, I wanted to start making sure she has a post of accomplishments! :)
Writing her name. Writing different letters and recognizing them. Coloring inside the lines now. Folding laundry. Making her bed. Drawing a ton. Using scissors more. Loves doing crafts. Trying to learn anything she can.
Using manners a lot more lately. Not throwing as many fits. Trying to get your point across without those terrible fits!
Independent. Sassy. Big personality. Fun. Sweet. Talkative. Energetic.
Back bend at gymnastics. Back bend with one leg up. Handstand. Cartwheel. I laugh when she says "Watch Mama!" five million times while she is at gymnastics.
She doesn't eat a lot but she does like to eat well. Loves all veggies and fruits. And of course, fruit snacks.  And cake balls. And any form of sugar.
I love when she comes in and tells me I am so "cuddlish" and she just wants to hug me and give me sugars! I love it! She is my little best friend and I love when she tells me that. I miss her when we aren't together even though I appreciate a couple hours to myself sometimes.
Love that precious little voice and all her made up words. Laugh when she says a word and then asks me if it's a bad word. I feel proud when she starts saying a new word she has learned or starts saying one correctly.
She is like a little sponge right now just soaking up any information I will give her and living in her little world of "Why?". I am working my hardest to make sure that sponge is filled with rainbows and unicorns! haha.
I know I get frustrated sometimes but I am just trying to teach her how to be well-behaved! Little does she know, she is teaching me. Such a big girl...kind of bittersweet.

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