Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moving Right Along

Today was my first bad experience with Craigslist! I was talking to a woman about a bed and told her "SOLD!! I want it. I was going to pick it up tomorrow. Well, she went right on ahead and sold it tonight. I guess you can't rely on buyers on Craigslist but still...I was hoping she would hold it for me. I guess it's not all about me though!
I did get some new stuff for our room. I can't wait until this thing is done. I am so ready to have my room back. Our house has been a disaster and I am sure my husband would like to sleep in his own bed again!
I saw a starburst mirror similar to this one at Target for $24.99. I almost bought it but thought it was too much. Last night, I was browsing some other blogs and saw someone had bought this cute thing at Family Dollar for $10. I went in there today expecting our store not to have them but they did! (That is the paint color of the walls back there behind it too!)
I have been trying to do our whole room on a budget but I did special order some lamps from Hobby Lobby yesterday. They are perfect and they were 50% off so I couldn't pass them up. They were a huge splurge for me but they were the same price as the lamp bases I wanted from Target and these come with really cute shades so I tried to justify it that way! I can't wait for them to come in!

So, I have been seeing where a lot of people are decorating with numbers lately. I wanted a cute way to incorporate that into our room. I bought these two canvases at Michael's for $2 and didn't know what I would do with them. Today, I decided to add the numbers. I did 968 because 9.6.08 was the day we got married. I just painted those on with some of Aubry's craft paint. I haven't decided what to put on the black one yet. Any suggestions?

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  1. maybe do aubrys birthdate or intials? or your wedding intials.