Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Little Gymnast

This just melts my heart. Sweet girl.

Today, Miss Priss had gymnastics. I was a competitive gymnast and she goes to the same place that I used to go. And no, I didn't put her in gymnastics. She asked to take the classes. 
 I hear her name 50x that hour because she is so active and always dancing around and trying to show everyone what she can do. I hear, "Mama WATCH!" the entire time too. Haha!

She can do a back bend now and she can do it with one leg up. She still needs to work on getting those legs straight and pointing those toes.

Not too bad for a handstand. Still needs some work. Lol.

She has her splits in the kitchen but the carpet at the gym holds her up! Ha!

She is going to bite her tongue off if she keeps it like that! haha! As you can see, we are hot messes at the gym!

Trying to do a back hip circle by herself.

She is getting there! :)

Loving those pointed toes in her handstand on the bar. She kept telling the coach she could do it by herself. haha! She then told her that she could do giants. If you don't know what those are, google them. You might laugh at thinking she could do them by herself!