Friday, March 25, 2011

Nailed It

Miss Priss had her first pedicure on Thursday and let me tell you....this girl has never sat so still and been so quiet in her life! The whole salon was full of women and they were amazed and kept asking if she was always so good. I told them that she had her moments but right now she was in her element! haha! She loved it! I loved seeing the big smile plastered on her face the whole time. And how cute is that little princess pedi chair??

Her request was pink zebra nails so that is what she got on her hands and her toes. She was so excited and ready to show everyone and wouldn't let me put on her shoes and socks when we left because she thought it would get messed up.
I also got a shellac manicure and if you haven't had one of should! Amazing! I love it when my nails are polished because they are NOT pretty and break easily! But after an hour, they are chipped and and knicked. The shellac they say will last at least 14 days. I have had this stuff for 2 days and it is perfect. No knicks. No chips. Shiny. Love it!

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