Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend!
Friday night...we went to a friend's house for dinner and nursery decorating. My husband helped put the crib together and I made her bow holder for her baby! I will post pics of that soon. It turned out so cute!
Saturday night...we had Girls Night In in Pink! We have so many friends having babies and three close ones that are having girls so we had a little get together to celebrate the new girls! My friend Rachel threw the party and it was so fun! Great night! I will post some pictures of that soon too!
We sold our bedroom furniture this weekend! Yay!! I also picked up a dresser that I have to paint so I will be doing that tomorrow! We still need a bed. Right now, our house is a mess since we are doing this. It's driving me CrAzY! I also made a chandelier cord cover. I just used leftover fabric from my throw pillows and I hope its long enough and wide enough. I'm glad I could pull that fabric in somewhere else too.
I also decided that I wanted to "up" the look of the armoire too. So, I asked my mom to either help me wallpaper the doors or cover them in fabric. I will let you know how it goes!
I changed a few things in the dining room too. Busy girl! ha! On one wall, I randomly added a bunch of different frames with some wall decals of skeleton keys in them.
Sorry for all these awful cell pics!

I also took down some cheap shelves that I never loved and put up some decor that I took out of my bedroom. It doesn't match in there any more and it went well in the dining room. I am really into these random arrangements right now!

Sorry for such a long and boring post. I can't wait to post some before and afters of our room. Hopefully within the next couple weeks! Fingers crossed!

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