Monday, February 28, 2011


For all of you girls wanting my guacamole recipe, here it is! Try not to put it in a baggie, cut off the end, and squeeze it into your mouth like chocolate syrup! haha!
I make everything to taste and don't really measure or follow a recipe but here are the basics:
However many avocados you want. Skin and pit them and mash up in a big bowl with a fork. In an electric chopper, I put onion, minced garlic (or fresh), jalapenos, salt, and lemon juice and chop that up. I pour that into the bowl of avocados and mix it really well. Then, I add more salt since I could lick a salt block but everyone has different tastes!
And, there it is...the best guacamole ever! I never liked it until my mom made it this way. Enjoy with some chips and a margarita! :)

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