Friday, February 4, 2011

Beary Cute Valentine

Miss Priss fell asleep at 7 pm! Woohoo! I don't know if it is because she has been shut in all week with this ice storm or what but she has been a hot mess today! Bless her heart. Glad she is getting some rest. LOVE her!
We did her Valentines for school this week since we haven't been able to do much else. She had to write her own name on the back of all her cards and the recipient on the front of the card so they could do a match game with them. I am a proud mama! (Sorry in advance for all of the bad cell phone pictures!)

For her "beary" cute Valentines, we took Teddy Grahams and gummy bears and put them in a little clear bag tied with XOXO ribbon. I attached a tag to the bag that said Bear Hugs to Regan or To My Beary Good Friend Molly. She decorated them with heart stickers and wrote her name on the back. I thought they turned out cute! What three year old doesn't love gummy bears and Teddy Grahams??
Here is a little sneak peek of a skirt I had made for her to wear to her Valentine party and on Valentine's Day. It is precious and I love it! This is the little hair flower she made to match it. I will post a picture of her in it when she wears it.  Thanks again Aubree!


  1. Your valentines turned out really cute! Your such a crafty Momma! :)

  2. Thanks! I try. :) I just need to add a few more skills! Ha!